“We know what others do not know they don’t know!”

We pride ourselves on being solution-oriented with highly customizable packages to meet the needs of your small or medium-sized organization.

Our solutions are optimized to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Provide mid and long-term analysis to prevent future problems which can become highly costly and problematic to any system
  • Rapid response security threat detection
  • Detection and reduction of potential security threats

How we work with you:

  • We speak in terms executives and other decision-makers can understand.
  • We will work directly as your IT administration or with your existing personnel depending on project requirement.
  • We offer both consultative and hands on solutions short and long-term.

Network/IT Services

RAMNIC's model has been carefully developed to accommodate any Network System needs, big or small.

Our high level of flexibility and experience allows us to provide the most efficient and sophisticated solutions in multiple formats depending on what is most suitable for your organization.

Click here for complete list of Networking/IT Services.


RAMNIC's experience in Network Security is vast and highly experienced.

We pinpoint and address problems many less experienced IT companies are unable to as we have a broader understanding of how Networks can be infiltrated.

For a complete list of security services including emergency solutions click here.

Additional Services

RAMNIC's diverse experience has provided us in expertise beyond the typical IT company.

We offer consulting and setup for the following needs:

  • VoIP/PBX/Telephony installation that can save you money
  • BitCoin consulting

For more information on these services, click here.