Network/IT Services

RAMNIC’s model has been carefully developed to accommodate any Network System needs, big or small. Our high level of flexibility and experience allows us to provide the most efficient and sophisticated solutions in multiple formats depending on what is most suitable for your organization.

Your organization can benefit from any of the following service offerings:

  • Consulting (short and long-term)
  • Emergency Network Services (including Security issues)
  • Obfuscation (to prevent tampering and reverse engineering from outside sources)
  • Remote Network Administration
  • Technical support on a per-issue basis
  • VPN setup and maintenance
  • Cloud/Virtual Network installation and maintenance
  • Open Source Package installation and maintenance for cost saving
  • Network Analysis and optimization to improve system efficiencies and employee work flow
  • Detection of potential issues before they happen
  • All of our services may be performed supplemental to your team or as your dedicated team

We’ll make sure communication is clear and easy to understand even for less technical staff.

For questions or inquiries of how we can be of service, please contact us today.